Mental Acumen

Acumen is the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions. It includes the skills of astuteness, shrewdness, acuity, and sharpness. It embodies rational, emotional and metaphysical thinking.

Rational thinking is essential to maintain a fit, healthy and long life. Read for knowledge and enjoyment, work crossword puzzles or play challenging games. Learning is a lifelong activity and rational thinking is the reward you will receive.

Emotional thinking is essential for a healthy and long life.  Taking the time to enjoy a sunset, cry at a sad movie or a moving experience.  Laugh at your own shortcomings, hug your family members as often as possible, help people in need even if they are unaware of your act. Be happy.

Metaphysical thinking is an attitude of rationality, patience, composure, and calm in the presence of troubles or annoyance. It is concerned with abstract thought or subjects, such as basis of our existence, causality, or truth.  It is the acceptance of why we are who we are.

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