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Social Activity

What we put in our body and how we treat our body affects our capacity for a long and vital life.  Good friends help us eat healthy and exercise often.  

Friendship and Relationships are essential to maintain a fit, healthy and long life.  Friends, far and near, remind us that life is better when we share our good wishes with friends, neighbors, and complete strangers. Greeting each person you see with a smile and good wishes will share a good day with everyone you meet.

Conversation among friends connects us to our community and is essential for a healthy and long life.  Taking the time to enjoy a sunset or a meal, listen to friends and strangers alike will increase your knowledge base and your access to the world.  It will also enlarge you circle of friends.

Culture is the concept that defines us as human beings. it includes physical expressions of culture, such as technology, architecture and art, as well as social organization, philosophy, literature and the sciences. Enrich your life by enjoying parks and recreation opportunities as well as local zoos, museums, art galleries.

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