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Vitality In Action Foundation is offering a course: "Introduction to Improvisation" to folks living with significant functional impairments.

VIA Improv we:

  • improve cooperative communication skills 
  • establish a new, diverse, and resourceful network of supportive connections 
  • empower an attitude of CreateAbility

Over the course of 6 meetings, we will instruct each student on various methods and techniques of improv.

Many consider improv synonymous with comedy; our research and experience have found it is beneficial in many aspects of living in the community with disability, absent comedic intent It is especially useful in connecting with the general community and its myriad of resources.

We teach the concept of “Yes, and” focusing on better ways to actively listen and contribute to a conversation.
In each lesson, we discuss how these skills and abilities enhance our capacity to lead normal community lives while managing the challenges of disability.
We encourage everyone to participate in each game, exercise, and discussion

VIA Improv includes all regardless of ability -- no one is left behind. 

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